Protect Your Landscape AND your Water Bill.


With proper irrigation, you get the balance and consistency that hoses and moveable sprinklers can’t. How your lawn looks is a reflection of its owners.  I well and correctly irrigated lawn speaks volumes about your home and can often be an envy by your neighbors.
Irrigation Benefits

Installing a irrigation system helps transform your grass into the green, beautiful, healthy lawn you always wanted. Lawn irrigation systems are the most efficient way to ensure your yard gets the hydration it needs without over-watering.

Save Water: Installing an irrigation system can maintaining a healthy landscape and conserve water.

Save Time: Forget watering your lawn at odd times of the day.  Instead trade that time on more important things... Like family.  Irrigation systems work on their own, so no more wasting time manually watering.

Save Money: It's not uncommon to think that you can not afford an irrigation system.  What you don't understand that you may be paying way more then the cost of a proper irrigation system with the cost of water due to over watering.  A proper irrigation system will apply the correct amount of water to your lawn without over watering while achieving the best, lush, green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood.

Overall Water Management

Most residential property owners use excessive amounts of water to keep their turf and landscape green and fresh, costing them more money than is necessary. By learning to water your lawn properly with the help of a watering system, you can conserve a significant amount of water and still get the healthy beautiful lawn you want.

Recommended Watering Schedule

Established Lawns

Established lawns require far less water than newly sodded or freshly seeded areas. For the cooler spring and fall seasons, we suggest decreasing watering to every other day.

For the hotter summer months, we recommend that you water five to six times a week. Watering between 3-6AM is the ideal time to take advantage of the coolest time of the morning but completing prior to sunrise to allow the water to infiltrate the soil as much as possible.


For newly installed sod, we recommend that you water at least two times each day. In the case of extreme heat, it might be necessary to add a third water cycle. Once the grow-in period of a few weeks has passed, it is recommended to reduce the watering frequency.

For twice a day watering, schedule your system for 3-6AM and 6-8PM.

Recommended Water Duration

A lawn irrigation system from Professional Irrigation Systems includes two different types of sprinkler heads – spray heads and rotor heads – distributing two different amounts of water per area.

Zones consisting of spray heads typically require about 5-10 minutes of run time per cycle .

Zones consisting of rotor heads typically require about 20-30 minutes of run time per cycle.
Your lightning specialist will assist you in setting up your zones and sprinkler times.
If you do not have a sprinkler system, NOW is the time to get an estimate on the perfect irrigation system for you needs.
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