Mother Nature continues to put us on a roller coaster ride, and your lawn is feeling the rush.  Our technicians have seen a lot of issues with bare spots and moss, especially around the base of trees. We can thank the lack of snow cover for most of these issues. A lime application will help restore the PH balance of your soil, helping those areas bounce back. However, in some cases, seeding is needed to create a healthier turf. Give us a call for a free estimate or evaluation!

When it comes to weeds, yes, those yellow pests may pop a few weeks early this year. The bursts of warm weather, along with damp soil, create a perfect storm for those dandelions. However, if you think crabgrass is popping, you may just be experiencing a case of mistaken identity. Most crabgrass doesn’t germinate until the warm summer months, around the late July/early August time frame.  That is why we put down the pre-emergent in the early spring. Crabgrass grows in a round pattern, with a seed pod at the tip. If what you think is crabgrass resembles a wider blade plant that grows faster than the other turf, then you’re looking at tall fescue.  Tall fescue is a type of grass, not a weed.

If you’re unsure what’s going on with your grass or some dandelions make an unexpected appearance, give us a call! WE ARE LAWN SPECIALISTS.