Out Door Living Spaces replace front porch as gathering place.
Looking back, you can probably remember countless days spending time on the front porch with family. Traditionally, that is where most families would gather when outside.  But, in time, Backyard Living Spaces have replaced that family gathering spot while making for a safer, more visual appealing place to spend your outdoor time.
Outdoor living areas give you things that a front porch never will. Build an outdoor kitchen, a space to work on DIY projects, a patio garden or anything else you can imagine. Whether you have a modern outdoor kitchen or a simple barbecue and picnic table, an outdoor living area is filled with possibilities. The privacy means that you’ll never need to worry about what neighbors or passerby think. Throw a party, work on your laptop while wearing scruffy pajamas – it doesn’t matter. That versatility and privacy means you have the freedom to do as you please.
Adding a fire pit to an outdoor living area increases the number of days each year that you can use the space. But, if you do it right, this addition can also become a year-round focal point in a lawn or patio that enhances the beauty of the area, even when it isn’t keeping you warm.
Other out door living space ideas include:
1. Outdoor Kitchen
2. Outdoor FirePit
3. Outdoor Fireplace
4. Gazebo
5. Patio Furniture
6. Outdoor Bar 
Perhaps you are looking for a full outdoor kitchen, or simply an brick paver fireplace, we have the tools for all kinds of back yard living space ideas regardless of your budget.
To see what our professional outdoor living space designers can do for you, simply click here to contact us to get an estimate.
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