Dear Valued Lightning Snow and Ice Management Client:
By now you have heard about the rise in cost for Rock Salt being faced this winter season. In an effort to better explain the reasons for the current 2018-19 salt shortage, this letter has been prepared to identify current and historical factors adversely impacting salt availability. The primary factors influencing reduced salt production are detailed below:

• 2018 Labor disputes, which led to a 12-week strike at one of the world’s largest mines in Goderich, Canada
• Cargill, one of the world’s largest salt producers experienced a flooded shaft, which drastically reduced production
• Compass Minerals has limited sales only to municipalities because of the shortages, which eliminates private contractor sales

• Local government and municipalities are given priority bidding and buying, therefore private contractors will find it harder to procure salt supplies for the upcoming winter season

This toxic combination listed of adverse factors is directly impacting current salt supplies, thus creating a salt “shortage”. Demand for salt has remained the same or actually increased in our area due to heavy snowfall we received during the 2017-18 Winter season, depleting existing resources. Supply has decreased significantly, which through microeconomic principals means that available salt prices this season will be much higher than years past as well as supplies being limited!
All sources are forecasting a cold, snowy 2018/19 winter season(just depends on what you want to believe). Many municipalities and private contractors alike are seeing prices more than doubled this year over last and in many areas prices have already tripled. Know that it is our #1 goal to be partnered with reputable suppliers and are taking necessary actions to secure our de-icing materials to ensure our clients sites are taken care of in a safe, efficient, and in the most cost effective pattern possible. As temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, it is likely that current prices could yet again increase, We will ensure that the premium clients that put their trust in us to keep their properties safe all winter do not have to worry about a decline in service, and/or unsafe conditions!

Justin Shigley, Owner Lightning Lawn & Landscape
Our Values: Leadership-Integrity-Teamwork-Professionalism
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